Wednesday, October 18, 2006

What draws people to a church?

I know what draws people to God. That's an easy one. But what draws people to commit to come, meet with a group of people every week? Trust me, I don't have the answer. We had a meeting last night with the elders of our church about advertising (Paul's passion) and prayer (both of our passions). We talked about who do you target with advertising, unchurched or unfed sheep or sheep that are new to the area? Still not a question I have the answer to unless it's all of the above. So here's the question I'd like you to ponder....What drew you to your church or what drove you away from a church? What are things you look for when looking for a church. I'd love your feedback.

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Anonymous said...

The pastor can be the biggest draw and yet the same reason for leaving a church. Sermons....give me something I feel I can walk away with not something that I feel lost with the entire time. People - Pastor's need to be "people oriented", returning phone calls, visiting the sick. Greeting people Sunday morning whether their having a bad day or not. Working with children, holding vacation bible school.... Pastor's need to be devoted to the position. Its not just a job.