Saturday, October 28, 2006

Life Influencers

I had the opportunity to have breakfast this morning to honor a friend of ours from Church. She's moving with her family to Wisconsin and she'll be greatly missed. Not only did I enjoy just being around her but she influenced me greatly, probably more than she knows. Everyone needs someone in their life who they can relate to and who can speak things to them that are of great encouragement. This woman told me that on the days when it's really hard being a mom of 3 under 4 that this is the worst. It only gets better from here. The kids get older, do more for themselves, etc. That made me feel like I was doing pretty good. So on the days when it's really bad I remind myself that this is the worst, and it doesn't seem so bad. One other thing I really appreciate about this woman is that we have similar philosophies about child raising and that she's out there. She puts her emotions and feelings out there and throws caution to the wind when sharing with others. I love that! I want to surround myself with more people like her, so that's why I'll miss her so much!

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