Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Paul's Dad's surgery

We found out tonight that Paul's Dad's surgery to remove the cancer in his lungs got moved up to this coming Monday in Ann Arbor. This is a video surgery that hopefully will mean an easier recovery. Lee had lung cancer 10 years ago and the recovery was really tough. Pray for Lee that he has peace in the coming days. Pray that the cancer would be gone after the surgery. Pray for Sylvia (Paul's mom)for peace as well. Pray for safe travel for the family (Scott's driving them over and Paul's going to pick them up). Pray for a complete healing for Lee.

I'll keep you updated here on what happens and what we know after the surgery Monday.

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Jayce said...

Dear Heather,

So glad to hear that the surgery has been moved up. We will continue to keep Lee and all of the family in our prayers.