Monday, October 30, 2006

Pizza sauce and the new Buick Lucerne

This weekend we spent some time at my dad's house. My dad just got a brand new buick lucerne as his business car. We got pizza for dinner and my dad trusted me enough to drive the car to get the pizza. It was really windy here in Michigan on Saturday. My sister in law was getting out of the new car with sauce and breadsticks and pizza and the door wouldn't open because the wind was blowing it. She called for me to help her since she (nor I) wanted to dump the sauce in my Dad's new car. I run around the back of the car to help and I twist my ankle. Just as I did that My brother Jim comes out. He's the character in the family, he looks at both Wendy and I and says, what's going on here! Needless to say, no sauce was spilled in the car and ice was placed on my ankle.

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