Friday, October 20, 2006

A trip to the Dentist

You might know that I have always had problems with my teeth. I have fillings in places that I didn't know you could put them. As a child I brushed, flossed and used that mouthwash stuff that helps to fight cavities. Nothing seemed to slow the problem do decay down. As I've had children, I've often wondered would all of them have the same problem or would be blessed to have them take after their father who has great teeth. Anyway, Alexandra had her first appointment today and she did awesome. She even let them clean and polish her teeth which I don't think they were thinking they would do today. So, no cavities right now! Yeah! You see I had fillings in my baby teeth, I don't think this early but I still had cavites. She was so excited to see them clean my teeth and to get a cindarella tooth brush that we had to use the moment we got home. I tried to tell her we just had our teeth cleaned but she still insisted. As for my teeth, I don't have an more cavities right now but there's always six months from now. I know, the eternal pesimist!

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