Tuesday, October 24, 2006

A moment in the life of a mother of a 3.5 year old

So we get out of dance class today and Miss Lisa gave candy to Alexandra and the other girls. She wanted to eat it in the car but I said after dinner. She breaks into a crying fit. This escalates and she's really mad by the time we get home. So, In typical fashion I tell her to go up stairs and find her joy. She screams at me "NO"! Well, this of course is a cause for quick action so I make my way from the three season room and into the dining room to get to her in the living room. She has left her knit strawberry shortcake hat right in my path. I slip on it and fall flat on my back right in front of her. I'm so shaken by my lack of authority in the situation at that moment that I grab her and sit her on the stairs and tell her to take her whining up stairs. My back is killing me and Sebastian still needs to get out of the car. I want to cry because of the pain but I must continue my composure. She comes down happy and I keep it together just to make sure she sees that I'm in charge even though a simple knit hat took me out in an instant!

I just talked on the phone to Paul and laughed and cryed at the same time. It was one of those times where both were appropriate. In the exact moment that I needed her to see that I was in charge, I fell flat on my back. There's a parallel to life in here somewhere. Maybe I'll find it as I soak my aching back in a bubble bath tonight.

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