Monday, October 30, 2006

Alexandra's antics

This weekend so many things happened but some of the funniest were with Alexandra. Alexandra found her cell phone (thanks great grandma Jean) she took it everywhere with us. She would have 1/2 hour converstations in the car with imaginary friends. Paul asked her if the call was long distance she said no. Then he said her to her not to use up all our minutes and she said don't worry about it daddy I won't.
Then she pushes one of the buttons on the phone and holds it down. It makes this really annoying sound. She just holds it and holds it. At the same time, Sebastian is in the back seat saying stars,over and over and over again. Finally I asked her to stop. She asked why. I said because it's annoying. So then we hit those ridges on the side of the highways through a construction area and she says, "what was that". Paul tells her and she says "That was annoying"! At least she got the concept!
Yesterday at lunch she asked again about my ankle because I've been icing it since Saturday. She said to me "Mommy, I'm sorry you hurt your ankle, I hope it gets better real soon!". It's so great to hear your kids be kind, especially when it's in your direction.

Uncle Dave taught Alexandra the "Lets be still and quiet" game. It as so funny to see her sit on the couch and be still and quiet just to win and play the game. We were all cracking up.

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