Thursday, March 15, 2007

What a Week

I'm finally back at home this morning, some what back to our routine. This week, WaYfm is having their annual sharathon. This is the time when they raise most of their funds. I was asked to work from 6 AM to 11 AM Tuesday and Wednesday. Very Early mornings but very worth it. It is usually very fun and very satisfying. I get to connect with old friends and co-workers and get to be on the air. This year was no different. I got to see my old friends the Millers who we went to Africa with, I got to be on the air with Rick, Mike, and Peter Brooks. I got to be a part of the men vs women hour and the women pulled through. Yeah! I also got to talk to a guy who listened to me on the morning show way back when and when I was on Middays when the planes hit NY and DC on 9/11. When I look back at that day it was the worst day ever and I certainly didn't want to be on the air. I broke the news to our listeners because I was on Middays then. I prayed a lot on the air and tried to keep people up to date but mostly I wanted to run to my car and go home, crawl into bed and cry. I couldn't cope with what was happening so how could I communicate to others and help them cope. Anyway, this guy Glen called and got one of the phone volunteers to get me. He wanted to tell me that I helped him and his wife so much on 9/11. He first heard the news from me and kept to the radio all day long and heard my prayers and my tears. He said he and his wife prayed a lot for me that day as well because they could tell I was having a hard time communicating with people. This was so cool to hear from him since it was such a difficult day for me. He also said that they missed hearing me on the air every day that I had such a great personality and a warm caring heart. What an encouragement to this stay at home mom of three who most days just wishes she could smell more like a woman rather than a dirty diaper or old spit up! If you've been blessed by wayfm and would like to make a pledge you can do that here

I also have to say a big thanks to Karen for taking my kids for the whole two days I was working. On Wednesday morning I thought about what Karen and the kids would be doing right now and I didn't have a concern at all that they were fine and happy. I'm sure Karen was a little tired though. I also thought about this routine being my daily life and it made me thankful that I don't have to have someone else watch my kids everyday. I couldn't imagine doing that.

Paul and I went out to dinner and a bike ride on Tuesday night and had an awesome time. It reminded me of how we were before kids. Don't get me wrong, I missed the kids while they were gone but it was really great to hang with my husband without them too.

The Mercury is still in the shop and our renter is moving out this weekend. If you know of anyone looking for an apartment, please let us know.

It's been a busy good week. I'm glad we get to stay home today and just chill. I think we all need it!

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