Wednesday, March 21, 2007

He's got a voice with attitude

Atticus is getting more and more mobile which means he get a hold of things he shouldn't have in his mouth since everything he gets his little hands on goes in his mouth. Today, I had to take a card away from him and after I pulled it away he squawked and cried at me. Then I gave him a block and he settled down and chewed on that. I also had to pull the computer cord away from him and redirect him and I got the same reaction. He's taking after his sister in the attitude department. I have much training ahead of me with this little cutie!

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Janice (5 Minutes for Mom) said...

Heather - I don't see your email here and I couldn't find a comment on my site to get your email from, so could you please email me? You can reach me at janice @ (remove the spaces please)

You won our skirt contest!!! Congrats!

One thing - I don't see your post that links to the contest. Am I just missing it somehow? Or perhaps you didn't see that part of the contest rules. We do ask participants to link to the contest (and hopefully the site donating the prize) so that other readers can get in on the fun too.

I hope that the other participants are ok with my decision - but I have decided to let you win the prize anyway. (Gotta give some grace right?) Perhaps you just didn't notice that part (is this your first time in one of our contests?)

But what would be a good idea, is letting your readers know you won and linking to Katchy Kids in that post.

So congratulations!!! I hope your little girl LOVES her new skirt!!!!