Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Her New House

Last night Alexandra came out of the bathroom, just sobbing. I asked what was wrong:

A: Will my animals, nite-nite and potty be in our new house?
M: What new house?
A: Our new house in Heaven with God.
M: I am sure that God will give us all that we need in our new house in heaven.
A: Will all my things be there?
M: I'm sure God will have all our favorite things there.
A: How will God get all my stuff, he only has two hands?
M: (chuckle) God has lots of hands, he'll be able to get all the things we need.
A: I've seen a picture of God in my book. (She goes to get the beginners' bible, She finds a pic of Jesus) See he has 2 hands.
M: That is Jesus and he is God but he was also a man so he does have two hands but God also has lots of hands.
A: I've seen a picture of God mom. I know what he looks like. (I give her the look) Mom, would you please be quiet so that I can find a picture in my book of God?
M: (Chuckle) Ok.

We decided to read the beginners bible for a while but only in small sections because Alexandra was sure if we read the whole book she would get really really tired! :)

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