Thursday, March 08, 2007

Idle rants

I love hot hot showers and my bed!

I love that the sun has shone two days in a row here in Michigan.

I hate that the show Hereos won't be back on until almost the end of April.

I love that there will a new 24 episode every Monday until then.

I love that I've trained my 2 year old boy to take dirty diapers to the trash and dishes that are dirty to the sink.

I love that at least 3 times a week I get to go workout without children at Curves.

I love that My 3 year old daughter is already talking about her new house in Heaven.

I love that I have a library in my town that brings stuff to me right down the street from my house.

I love that my 6 month old will just play in his bed quietly until I come and get him to eat.

I hate that my 2 year old holds food in his mouth so long that he starts to druel and then I have to stick my finger in his mouth and get the food out because he won't swallow it.

I hate that my 6 month old is so unfocused when he eats that most of the time I miss his mouth when trying to feed him baby food.

I love that my hair is long enough to put up in a pony so I don't have to shower everyday if its not in the cards.

I love that all three of my kids are ticklish.

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