Friday, March 02, 2007

oh no, that did not just happen

If you are eating or have a weak stomach, don't read this post! I'm not responsible for your reaction to what you read.....

So It's rest time and Alexandra has to use the potty. Not a surprise. She comes into the living room and says, mommmy I need you to clean up my poopy. I told her no, that if she didn't want to use her potty she could use mine. She said, "but it's stinky in there." I chuckled and said too bad, sometimes poopy is stinky just go potty anyway. So, she goes, and returns to the playroom for rest. I got to the bathroom and realize I was soaking the insert that belongs in the little potty and she poopied all in the bottom of the little potty with out the insert in. Oh and let's just say it wasn't a well formed stool. Ah, gross. There was pee all over the floor because there was nothing to catch it and the poopy was gross. I cleaned it all up, mopped the floor and am washing the rugs in the bathroom. I guess it wasn't a rest time for mommy but I still got to sleep in until 9:24 AM this morning and even a little poopy and pee pee won't get this mommy down!!!!!!!!!

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