Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Our first early on appointment for Sebastian

Today we met with Sally from the Early on program. This was our first meeting. Sally was really nice and sat right down and started playing with the kids. She asked a lot of questions and we talked about where Sebastian is and what some of my concerns are. She got out a puzzle and also a bouncy ball with a handle on it. We also took a survey to see what his sensory issues are. She wants me to start letting him, in an controlled manner to bounce on the bed. This will help with his balance issues. I also need to help him bounce on a ball to help with that need he has. She also said that he needs hard play on a daily basis. What hard play is defined as getting his joints and muscles to work hard, hence the bouncing. She also had him sit in a chair and rolled a ball toward him. She got Sebastian to move his foot to help him learn to kick. She also got out a bucket full of pinto beans and Sebastian just dumped them all over himself and the floor. She said that he's doing that to get the sensation of the beans when feels good to him. I guess I'll be running out and getting some pinto beans to play with outside. I think this was a good start. We have another appointment scheduled for July. I look forward to seeing how he progresses.

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