Sunday, May 27, 2007

I'm not who I was, Praise God!

There's a song right now that WaYfm's playing called "I'm not who I was". It's by a singer songwriter Brandon Heath. For some reason, God has used this song to remind me
of the work he's done in my life over the last few years. It's amazing to look back at times when I was so selfish and self-centered. Not that I don't still struggle with those things but God has worked some of that out of my life. God has used the change in jobs (staying home with the kids), going through three pregnancies in 4 years, struggling with depression, our church closure, a new church start and much more. Even though I don't think there was a huge change all at once but over time. I'm thankful for that. I can't imagine what that change would look like. It makes me love God more because he's taken time and effort to show me the areas that I needed to change. If you'd like to hear the song and play the video the link's below! Thanks be to God that I"m not who I was!

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