Monday, May 21, 2007

Another busy day

Today, I got to sleep in, in to 9:30 that is. Paul was nice enough to let me stay in bed until I had to take Atticus to his 9 month check up. It was really nice to just take one kid to the Dr. Atticus and I played in the room, he crawled around. It's amazing to me how much I enjoy him without two other distractions. He took the two shots well and is doing good on his growth. His ear infection is almost cleared up so that's good as well. I also got to go to the grocery store by myself today. Wow what a day. Tomorrow is Alexandra's last day of Preschool and dance so we get a little bit of a break for the summer. I'm taking Sebastian to get a hearing test tomorrow to see if there's anything physically wrong with his hearing to help the therapists. I know you mom's who have older kids are saying to yourself, she doesn't realize this is only the beginning. I'm going to cherish the somewhat quiet summer!

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