Monday, April 09, 2007

You know, Lori?

I was in the play room today playing cars with Sebastian and Alexandra came in and was upset that no one was in the living room playing with her. First what you need to know is that we have a few imaginary friends that come and go as they please. Lori is the most popular. So when she's upset that no one is playing with her I say with a large grin on my face, why don't you play with Lori? This was her response today " Mom, Lori is sick in bed today. She and Maca played out in the snow yesterday and they got really sick. They have to stay in bed today so they get better. I hope she gets better by tomorrow." I was so shocked. First we hadn't talked about Lori in a few days at least and then for her to come up with such an extravagant story just cracked me up. She also says all that with a straight face. She doesn't lack for personality that's for sure!

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