Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Oh, no she did not just say that to me, did she?

Tuesday's are our busiest days of the week. Yesterday was even busier because of Sebastian's evaluation. So by the time we got home from the bookmobile at 8 PM I was pretty tired. Plus, Paul didn't come home last night after work, he needed to be at church. So, Alexandra is putting me through the paces last night and I said to her "Alexandra you are tiring me out. I am one tired momma!" She responds,"Well, momma, maybe you should just go to bed. You need a good nights rest and you'll feel better". I stood there stunned. She was using my own words to her against me and at three! I said you're right I do need to get some rest. After I tucked her in she said to me "I hope you get lots of rest tonight mama so that you aren't so tired tomorrow." I said I hope you do too Alexandra. Her response "Oh I will, I'm going to sleep all night long mama! I smiled and left the room! How can my words be coming back to haunt me so soon! Pretty crazy!

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