Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Dealing with a delay

We had Sebastian evaluated yesterday with the specialist at Early on. It's a program to help delayed toddlers and their families in Kalamazoo county. We have seen some things in Sebastian that we wanted to get checked out and the Dr. didn't feel any further testing was necessary. The specialist's that came to the house yesterday were so good. One of them got on the floor and played with Sebastian while she was testing him. The other one asked me some questions. They determined that he has some sensory issues. He might have some sensitivity in his ears and his sense of touch. He also is about 9 months delayed in his gross motor skills. We're going to have a hearing test done in a few weeks and a therapist is going to start coming to the house every month or so to work with Sebastian and I. Yesterday afternoon and evening I was having a hard time because it was hard to hear that there is anything wrong with your child. Today I'm glad we had it done and am eager to help Sebastian. All the things that he's delayed with are fixable and treatable and it will help to get him back on track.

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