Monday, April 30, 2007

My Motivation is back

For the first time in at least a month I feel like getting up and doing something. Laundry is going, dinner is being dethawed and even though my head hurts I don't feel as sick as I did. The Dr. put me on Augmentin for 14 days. He doesn't think we killed the first infection I had in March. If I don't get rid of this one or if I get another in 2 or 3 months he wants a cat scan. The funniest thing is that Paul says to me " You would think with all the times they've zapped your head, they would have found something". A few years ago I struggled with Migraines and they did X-rays and MRI's to see what was going on. They found a tumor in the back of my head. It turned out to be nothing but I had to have multiple MRI's to make sure it wasn't growing or moving. He obviously remembers that clearly and thinks they should have found something in my sinuses. Anyway, today the bathroom is getting cleaned today and the laundry will be finished as well. It's so great to have my motivation back!

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