Friday, April 06, 2007

Injustice abounds, how do you respond?

Lately I've been having some conflict with Alexandra about how Sebastian gets a pooh spoon for Breakfast and she doesn't. She's even used the words, it's not fair! I've been really irritated with this because it usually happens at meal times when I'm already busy getting everyone something to drink and eat. I was resting this afternoon and had a huge revelation....She's just like me. Now, I don't complain that someone got a pooh spoon and I didn't. Oh, no mine are much more important. This person gets away with lying, that person gets something that I deserved (like a raise or a promotion). I can remember when I was working I was all over the office politics and how unfair so much was. Boy when I look back at that it was ugly. Just as ugly as Alexandra's need to pout about the injustice at meals. I keep telling her to be thankful that she has food to eat and milk to drink and that she has a spoon to use to eat with. I guess I need to start doing some self talk of my own when I see injustice. If you see me walking around talking to myself just know I'm not going crazy!

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