Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Two Questions

1. When will I not feel tired again?
2. When will I be able to keep a shirt clean for a whole day?

Number 2 is the perplexing one today. It seems Atticus can't eat with out spitting up a little bit after. I've gotten better but sometimes he still hits me. Then today, I'm mixing formula and I spill some of the powder on my shirt. How does that happen?

Alexandra, Sebastian and Atticus were all up last night. Atticus was the first at 1:30 AM. I let him fuss himself back to sleep. Then Sebastian starts banging in his bed at 3:30 AM. Then Alexandra comes in and her feet are cold. I was amazed that I found two socks in the dark. The didn't match, I noticed when I got up this morning, but they did the trick. Then, she came back in wanting to be wrapped in her blanket and wanting more water. Then Atticus was up at 4:00 AM to feed and fill his pants. It seems the boy can't fill his pants without filling the space with food at the same time. I fell asleep last night on the couch (which I never do) at 7:50 PM and then woke up at 9:10 to watch Heroes then I went back to bed. Thank goodness I did after all that happened with all three of the kids. Whew! I hope tonight is better. We're getting ready for dance class then back here for dinner and then off to see Brenda and Jermaine at the bookmobile! What a busy night and day but all great stuff for us all!

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