Saturday, November 11, 2006

So Gordon Lightfoot was the problem

I use my VCR a lot to tape shows that sometimes I'm not sure I'll get to watch when they are actually on. I also tape two shows for a friend who doesn't get the new CW station. This week for some reason the tape wouldn't come out of the VCR after I taped the two shows for my friend. I couldn't see anything blocking it but it wouldn't come out. I had to take the top off the VCR to see what was going on with the tape. Come to find out, Sebastian had stuck a Gordon Lightfoot CD in the VCR hole. It jammed up the tape and that's why it wouldn't come out. Now you might be wondering why I know it was Sebastian. I caught him doing the same thing with a different CD a couple of days ago and he's the boy that can actually move at this point. He a little obsessed with putting things in places where they don't belong just to see what happens.

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Anonymous said...

Just wait until he puts mixer beaters in the microwave & turns it on. They make great sparks:)