Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Being Thankful

I think it's appropriate that I'm dealing with this subject in November. I've caught myself numerous times over the past week or so explaining/asking Alexandra to be thankful for what she has and to not always desire what she doesn't have. Here's an example:

Alexandra: I don't want this for dinner.
Me: This is what I made so be thankful that you have food to eat.

Example 2:

Alexandra: I want to take another dance class like some of the other girls.
Me: We don't have the money for you to take 2 dance classes a month.
Alexandra: But I want to.
Me: Alexandra you should be thankful that you get to take a dance class a week.

Here's the sticking point. I also struggle with this issue. I think a lot of us do. It seems we always want more. Whether its time, money, stuff, we all seem not to be satisfied with what we are truly blessed with. So as I've struggled with Alexandra's lack of Thankfulness, It's almost like God is saying to me, What about you Heather? Are you also thankful for all the things you have?

I have to admit that most days most of the time I'm not very thankful. I don't think I'm extremely negative about my life but just things like, why don't the kids sleep longer so I can sleep longer? Why can't I get a shower when I want one? Why must my Son grab everything he can get his hands on? I could be a lot more thankful for healthy kids, food to eat, a car to drive, the sleep I do get and so on.

This might be an issue that I'll continue to struggle with but God's placed a little girl in my life to remind me to be thankful as well.

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