Tuesday, November 07, 2006

My life as a Juror

Today was my 4th time being called for Jury Duty in 7 years. I don't really mind especially now since I have three small children. Paul had to take the morning off so I could report. I think the whole Jury Duty thing is so interesting. I've never made it past the gathering room and today would be no different. I got released around 11 AM. The nice thing is that I don't have to report back at all and they can't call me again for at least another year. What I think is most interesting is that there are so many different people all crammed into one room and forced to "be" with each other. People who would never associate with each other now are pleasant and cordial. I had the pleasure to sit next to a man who worked for the GM plant in Kalamazoo and then once that closed worked three years at a GM plant in Lansing. He has three sons, who are either my age or older and his youngest son died in a car accident 3 years ago. He told me about his flower garden and how they have adopted some neighbor kids as their own. He has no grandchildren but has a heart for kids. Both of his living sons are in the construction business. This guy could have been my dad and other than church or the grocery store I probably would not have run into him ever. It was so interesting to look around the room this morning and see young, old; black, white; men in suits, men in jeans; all together and waiting to hear if they would get to leave or have to stay! It's an interesting slice of life to be in that position. Anyway, I got released and went to vote while Paul had the kids. It just happened that he decided to take the kids to vote as well and I walk into the polling place to hear a little boy crying. It was Sebastian. I'm not sure what was going on with him but he was inconsolable. I held him and calmed him down. Paul finished voting and then I voted as well. It was so funny to hear the ladies work the election say, "aw, he just wanted his mommmy". I guess there is something to being the mom. Not that I can always make it right, but I guess I can make it better sometimes!

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