Thursday, September 27, 2007

A great Sebastian Day

Yesterday was the first time that I can remember that Sebastian engaged Alexandra and I in play. Alexandra wanted to play the freeze game while we were outside yesterday. She would sing and then say freeze and I would have to freeze. Then I would sing, she would dance and I would say freeze and she would have to freeze. Sebastian noticed what we were doing and he came over, started singing and dancing and would put his hands out when one of us would say freeze. It was so cute. A little bit later we decided to lay on the ground and look at the clouds and see what pictures were in the clouds. Sebastian would say "an elephant, up there, mama". He named a whole lot of characters and animals. He was having so much fun. It was such a joy to see him engaging in what we were doing. It brought tears of joy to my eyes. It was soooooooo cool!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

I've been a very busy girl

So last Wednesday I left for the Internet Ministry Conference. I was there until Saturday morning. We had our annual business meeting at Fresh Start. Paul and I hosted and it was a Mexican theme with Pinata and all. Sunday was church. I still don't feel like I have processed everything I heard and learned from the conference so my brain still feels like it's on overdrive.

There's a stomach virus going through our house and it caused quite a mess in Atticus' car seat and our van on Sunday. That's all I say here but it was nasty!

I got it last night and am still feeling a little weird today. Hopefully it won't run through the whole house.

Friday, September 21, 2007

I've got to have one of these

The ladies over at 5 minutes for mom are giving away a pink dyson. I can't even imagine Alexandra's reaction if I brought this home. She loves to vacuum right now and a pink vacuum would make her flip out. You can enter to win this just like me here!

Monday, September 17, 2007

a sweet brother sister moment

Since Sebastian has been putting more and more sentences together, it's been pretty cool to hear what comes out of his mouth. There was a spider on the wagon and she was freaking out in the back yard. Sebastian starting walking her way saying, "What matter sissy, what the matter?". He headed back to her and then decided once the spider wasn't an issue anymore she should pull him in the wagon. She made it up to me and Atticus decided to get on board as well. So Sebastian was in the back, Alexandra in the middle holding onto Atticus. I pulled them up the house and it was pretty cool to see all three of them in the wagon. Too cute!

Another brother joins my ranks

One of my younger brothers, Jim, now has a blog. Go check it out

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Current Alexandra Antics

Last night was the first night of dance. She really loved it. We got done and Alexandra said she wanted Pizza for dinner. I told her I had dinner in the crockpot. She said she wanted to talk to Daddy and see if he would get her pizza. To make a long story short, I got him on the phone and we had pizza for dinner last night. So after we got home, we were waiting for him to bring pizza we got books together for Bookmobile. I'm trying to get her to help me and she's singing into a mallet. I was getting frustrated with her not helping me. I expressed that to her and she says "tough crowd"!

As she was going to bed last night she got really upset about going to school today. She said she was really afraid to go to school. Part of it was that she thought she would have to go all day and not just the morning. Although I think part of her conversation with me was manipulative, I appreciated the moment of sitting on her bed, tucking her in and listening to how she felt about leaving me and the boys to go to school. It was dark in the room, and she was snuggled with her blanket in her bed. She looked so sweet even though she was very upset. Erin took her to school today so It'll be interesting to hear how things went when Erin dropped her off.

Monday, September 10, 2007

First day of school part 2

We got to school and Alexandra was still excited. Then, I started to leave, and she started to cry and hug me. I stayed for a few more minutes and then the teacher came over and offered to read her a book. Once they started the book, I stepped out. She was fine the rest of the morning. I got home to a hysterical Sebastian. Erin said she couldn't get out of him what was wrong. I hugged and snuggled him. Finally he said, "sissy mommy, where sissy", and he started to cry again. I couldn't believe it. Usually he asks about her but he was so out of sorts. I told him we'd go get her soon and that we could play until then. He snuggled a little bit more and then we played with the little people. He was really happy to get in the van and go pick her up. It was very cute!

The First day of School

Alexandra starts three day pre school today and she is over the moon. She got up today and I was still in the house. She was sure Erin was going to take her and wanted to make sure Erin knew how to get to the school. I am going to take her today since it's the first day and they are splitting the day into two parts. I hope she feels the same way when I drop her off at 10:20 AM. I'm excited about school start and Dance tomorrow. There is a girl in her class at School that will be in her dance class as well so it should be fun to get to know her parents better. I'll give an update later about how the first day went!

Sunday, September 09, 2007

A sweet moment

Today for the first time Atticus did not want to be in the nursery. I think he's getting to the point where he still needs a little nap in the morning but doesn't need a full nap. So, I heard him scream and went and got him from the nursery worker. I walked around with him as one of our Elders, Jack taught up front. I put Atticus down on the floor to crawl around a little bit. At the end of the message, Jack asked if anyone wanted prayer to come up front. Atticus crawled right up the isle to Jack. It was so sweet to see Atticus up there resting on Jack's shoulder as Jack prayed for him and worshiped. It was very, very cool!

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Win a cute baby doll

Tips for Toddlers is hosting a contest. You can win a cute baby doll that makes kissing sounds when you push her tummy. Head over to Tips for Toddlers and check it out!

Monday, September 03, 2007

Happy Birthday to me!

Well another year has passed. Paul led worship yesterday and had everyone sing me happy birthday which was really nice. He took Alexandra shopping on Saturday and had her help him with the presents. We had rest time and then Paul went and got some chicken so I wouldn't have to cook. We then opened presents and had ice cream. My husband was wise in not buying a cake since I didn't need the extra calories. Paul always gets a card for me and says really nice things to me like he appreciates me more each year and he appreciates how I am raising the kids and such. That is really the gift to me, his words. The lotion and clothes are nice but the encouragement is really a gift. It's amazing that as I get older, physical gifts mean much less than the emotional.