Tuesday, July 31, 2007

What a way to start the day

Alexandra came into our room this morning saying that her clock was different than ours. I told her it didn't matter and that she needed to go back to bed. She looked at me, held her nose and said "you're stinky". I was shocked. I said get back to your room. How dare she come into my room and call me stinky. It must have been my breath because I had showered the night before. I've got to train her to at least say "good morning" before she says I'm stinky.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Sweet and Sly Sebastian

So what a weekend with Sebastian and Alexandra. Saturday morning Alexandra comes running into our room saying I need to get buddy because he got out of his bed. He came running after her and sure enough he was out of his bed. I asked her if she had helped him and she said no but then it came out later that maybe she pushed him a little. Paul says that he did see Sebastian crawl out of the playard but we'll see if he does it again. Also, Friday night while we were praying I laid hands on Sebastian and Alexandra and asked God to protect them from bad dreams. Sebastian reached up put his hand on my head and said mommy no dreams. Paul was down stairs and Atticus was in his bed but he put his hand out and said the same thing for both of them. It was so precious. Tears welled up in my eyes. It was awesome.

We also got an entertainment center given to us by our friends Ryan and Jayme. The kids thought it was a toy and had great fun playing hide and seek in it.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Win a TV, a really cool TV

As usual the sista's over at 5minutesformom.com are giving away a great prize. It's a Insignia® 37″ Flat-Panel LCD HDTV!!! You can details on this cool TV at Best Buy. If you want to enter just leave a comment over at5minutesformom.com and then post a link to your blog like I did here! Good luck!

Friday, July 27, 2007

I learned by example

A series of events lately has made me think about how influenced we are by our parents but for me particulary my mom. My mom was on her own for the most part when I was growing up. My Dad was around but we lived with my mom. There's some that I know that live off the state and expect that things should be handed to them. I know that's not the way to live and I know that because my mom taught me that. Even in the difficult times when money was tight, I never went without anything I needed. She also told me and instilled in me that I could do anything I put my mind to. Not everyone hears that when they are growing up but I did and I still believe that today. I'm a talented woman and If I work hard I can do pretty much anything. My mom never put limits on my abilities and never told me that I wasn't good enough to do something. For that I'm grateful and am trying to instill that into my kids as well. Encouragement goes a long way for a kid, even into her 20's and 30's. So I say a big Thank You Mom for working hard, setting a great example and encouraging me throughout my childhood.

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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Helping someone who doesn't want to help themself

I have a situation right now with a family member where they need some help. I visited with them and felt compelled to help them. The reality is that I have three kids, two part time jobs and a house to run. I offered what I thought I could and come to find out they haven't done anything for themselves to make things better. When I offered to help I thought I knew the whole story but I found out later that I didn't. I'm not willing to step in and do everything but I do want to help because I think that's what God wants from us as his followers. I'm disappointed though that they are willing to step out and do something to help with their situation. I know I'm being vague, but what do you do when you see a need, try to meet it and then find out they really want you to do everything for them and they don't want to step up and take care of things on their own?

More Alexandra Antics

Yesterday all the kids got baths and Alexandra got to take hers by herself since the boys bathed together. As I'm washing her dirty feet and legs, she says "mom, you're really dirty too. You should take a shower tomorrow morning." What she doesn't really know is that she's right. I haven't showered in a few days :)

She's been telling our sitter that I never do certain things like make her wear shoes and I never brush her hair. She also has tried to convince both Erin and I that she's safer on her big bike withOUT her helmet than she is with it.

On Monday she had her 4 year check up with the Dr. and she had 4 shots. As I sang the ABC song to her she gritted her teeth but didn't shed one tear. It was amazing. We also found out that she has to be 4 and 40 pounds before she can get out of a car seat. She's only 28 1/2 pounds right now. The Dr. was optimistic and said maybe she can get into a booster in 6 months but I think that it might be at least a year. That was not what she wanted to hear.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

It's official, a fit was pitched

Don't let this cute exterior fool you, inside is a fit just waiting to get out and it did last night! Every night since we started having Erin come and sit for the kids in the morning, Alexandra has cried at bedtime. She's always fine when I get home. Last night, Paul took charge of things and she lost it. He told her to go back to bed and that she couldn't talk to me. This was fine with me since I had listened to her "chat" at me for almost 3 hours straight that evening. She just lost it. She was screaming my name, and crying uncontrollably. I hate those moments. I know that she's fine but to hear her scream my name and cry so hard she has a hard time breathing is so hard. It those moments as a mom that you know you are doing the right thing but it's still really hard. I've been trying to spend just time with her after the boys go to nap time but I guess the adjustment is just really hard for her. Anyway, she finally did settle down and go to sleep and this morning woke up doing the river dance in her room for Sebastian. That's what Erin and I call her dancing in the morning.

Wordless Wednesday - All three kids around the age of 1

Can you tell who is who?

Monday, July 23, 2007

Being Open

It seems that one door closed on Friday when it comes to my life as a working person. I thought I might be going back to a comfortable position, where I'm known and I know everyone. It came to the point where I felt I needed to make a decision, I couldn't wait for them to make the decision for me. I'm not one to wait a really long time for things and this has been going on for a few months now. Also, My husband was concerned although as usual very supportive of what I wanted to do. I made the decision to pull myself out of the running for a position and head in another direction. Now that we have childcare in the morning I want to be doing something productive. As I was driving this morning it hit me, God may be protecting me from a lot of hurt, stress and frustration. Although I thought this job might be a ton of fun, It could also cause me a lot of stress. So, we've decided to venture out on our own. In the next few weeks I'll be writing more about this but I've decided to start my own Website Development business. I'm excited about branching out on my own and look forward to the work I'll be doing.

As for today, Alexandra has her 4 year Dr. Appointment and she'll have to have shots. We'll see if she does as well as she did this winter with her flu shot. Atticus is doing better, looking better and eating better. He has a fever all weekend and I stayed home with him and Sebastian on Sunday. I'll give an update later on how the Dr. appointment and shots went!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Oh the Guilt!

This week we started having a sitter come and watch the kids for a few hours in the morning so I could go and do some work. Erin comes at 7:30 AM and stays until 10:30 AM. I thought this was the best possible time. I could get some work done and all I would really miss was breakfast and a little PBS kids time. Alexandra has been having a really hard time with it. She cried on Sunday night when I told her and then last night she cried again. She says that she doesn't love Erin, that she loves me and wants me there. What do you say to that? I told her that I love her and that I would be back before Lunch and then we would play on the swings and the sand box and read books. Nothing seemed to work. Then I pulled a rabbit out of my hat. I told her in a month or so she'd be going back to school three days a week and that while she was gone I'd be gone too. Then she got really, really excited. She kept saying, can I go tomorrow, can I go tomorrow? I told her no in a month but then she said something pretty amazing. "After that I go to the big school with the big doors and play on the big playground". She must be talking about kindergarten. She's a year away and she's already excited about going to the big school. Pretty amazing! So, I saved the mommy guilt for another issue. Although I have to admit when she is crying I keep thinking to myself, Is this really the right thing to be doing but in my heart I believe it is right now!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Wordless Wednesday

The only thing wrong with this picture is I'm usually out there behind them pushing.

Alexandra's Antics

Here's a few things Alexandra has said to me over the past few days:

I told a friend that I was going home to have a fruit bar. Alexandra asked if she could have one. I told her no because she didn't finish her dinner. She said please mommy and I said no. She replied "Can I watch you eat yours then?"

Alexandra: Mommy I want to be the mommy now.
Me: You can't be the mommy.
A: I want out of this situation, can I please be the mommy!

Alexandra: Can I go outside and swing?
Me: No it's too wet.
Alexandra: I'll just wear my snow boots.
(She proceeded to wear her boots all day even though it didn't rain again)

Saturday, July 14, 2007

It rained on our parade but not our party!

We marched in the Parchment Kindleburger parade with the Preschool. It was very fun but it rained on and off. Alexandra rode in a wagon with two other girls from the school. We came home after the parade, had rest time and then got ready for the party. Lee and Sylvia Plus Dad and Karen came over to celebrate. This was one of those days It was great to be a mom. Alexandra had a Dora cake and Barbie dancing Princess plates and napkins. Both her choice. I love that she's decisive and everything doesn't have to match! It was a great time and I think Alexandra will remember this day for a while.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Fire Marshal Atticus

My girl is 4 today

I know everyone says this but "I can't believe she's 4!" I think the reason it's flown by for me is that I've been pregnant with the boys for the last 3 years. She was very excited to get her big bike and we sang her Happy Birthday many, many times. Last night she was cracking me up making up songs and getting Atticus to dance with her. She also made up a guessing game where she tells me a joke or story that I have to finish. If I get it right, she yells, You're a winner! Too funny!

Sunday, July 08, 2007

What Vacation means for hubby

Right now we are sitting in the lobby of the Sleep inn, South Bend, watching the Wimbledon final between Nadal and Federer. I don't mind watching Tennis but I'm also not complaining. We are sitting in air conditioning when it's going to be 95 today in Indiana. We did do the White water rafting yesterday and went to the South bend Chocolate factory. We also went to a very, very nice restaurant The LaSalle Grill. What's funny is we got all dressed up for dinner, had a great time and then went to the movie theater and saw Transformers. It was more sci-fi then we thought which is good but it also had a lot of action. It reminded me of Independence day way back when. It had a lot of humor in it as well. I was surprised it didn't have any big name actors in it. I like everyone that was in it. What also surprised me is it was an 8 PM show and there were babies and toddlers in the theater. It reminded me how fortunate I am to have great family and friends to watch our kids even for a night sometimes so that we can get out and have "Couple time".

I took some pics of our trip but can't upload them right now. I will in the next couple of days.

Saturday, July 07, 2007

So why would you go to South Bend?

Yes, that's what a lot of people have asked us when they found out we were going to take a weekend trip without the children to South Bend! We wanted to get away but didn't want to drive too far so we felt like Indiana was a good bet it is a different state! Anyway, we got here, had dinner last night right by the St. Joseph river and then found out that there were fireworks. They were awesome, especially over the river. It was a nice surprise. Today we are watching tennis, doing a tour of the South Bend Chocolate factory (my choice :), and then taking a ride on the man made Whitewater rafting course. It should all be fun, fun, fun!

Thursday, July 05, 2007

The Best $15 I ever spent

If I let Alexandra it would be the first thing she does in the morning
and the last thing she does before she goes to bed. She has spent so much time on the swingset since we got it. She's out there all the time. She's also spent a ton of time in the sand box. She likes it more than Sebastian. She's even been so kind as to push Sebastian on the Swing and to make him a sand castle in the sand box. It's been very cool.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Here's a Meme I couldn't pass up.

As I was surfing tonight I found this at Rocks in my Dryer Feel free to answer these questions on your blog and link back to me and her:

1. If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?

I would have to say Cantaloupe or Watermelon. Yummy!

2. What's the most nerve-racking "close call" you've ever had?

One day on the way out to run some errands I almost got into three car accidents. I had all three kids with me and it made me want to go right back home.

3. Name five features your ultimate dream house would have.

Oh I love this one. A hot tub bath tub. A large kitchen with an island and a bar with stools. Large master bedroom with a large master bath. A craft room. A large walk in closet.
4. Who has been the most influential non-relative in your life?

My friend Ann Browning. She has been there for me during the hard times, we craft together, she also takes my kids so I can have a break. I also think she knows more than any other friend I have.
5. What one non-physical feature would you most like to change about yourself?

I like to talk about myself a lot and I need to ask people about themselves more and talk less about myself.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Practice what I'm talking about

We had a church meeting last night and it came up that we need to be inviting more people who cross our path to church. I've been feeling like I need to be bold in asking people where they are at. Tonight we went to pick up the swing set and the woman who had the garage sale and I got talking. She was so nice and we had a lot in common. She's trying to get her kids out of a school system and into another. I asked her where they went to church. She said they wanted to find a Presbyterian church but her kids would like a more contemporary service. I told her about Fresh Start and about how we incorporate kids into the service but they also have their own time which is something she wanted for her kids. I told her the time we start and that we'd love to come and check it out. She said they really wanted to find a Presbyterian church. I told her about a church on the east side of Kalamazoo. I'm always amazed at how open people are about where they are with Church. I think it's really in our mind that people don't want to connect with God. Why are we so stuck in thinking people don't want what we have. It's the best thing ever, having a relationship with God. I encourage you to just step out there. People are more open than you might think. I'm not sure that this woman will ever come to our church but the point should be that she reconnects with God.