Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween parade

Alexandra's school always has a halloween parade. The boys and I went and enjoyed seeing all the costumes. As you can see there was some downtime and Atticus took that opportunity to dance. :)

I wonder if this is a trend

I thought it was just the sickness but there's a trend starting with Atticus. He's gotten attached to two shirts and this is one of them. He accidentally peed on it the other day and wanted to wear it and I told him no since it had pee on it. He through a fit. Then he said he wanted to wear his hook 'em horns shirt he got from Allyson and Ian. Well that one was dirty too sooo much weeping insued. I offered one of the many other shirts he has but none would do. Finally Daddy got him to put on one but today I washed it and he had to put it on right after I got it out of the dryer. He looks really cute in it so I had to take a couple pics.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009