Friday, March 30, 2007

Another Freebie Friday

I love it when I can get you more free stuff. The ladies over at are giving away a dyson vacuum! Ever since they came out with these I have wanted one! I know I just won something from them but I just couldn't pass up the chance to try again and maybe you'll win! Then you can bring it over to my house for a test run. Check it out here!

Freebie Friday

Here's more free music downloads from My Free Music Friday! One of my new favorite artists Aaron Shust is featured this week! Check it out!

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Relationships are the best and the saddest part of life

I'm a social gal. I like people and It charges me most of the time to be around people. I like to host people over at my house. I tend to invest a lot of time and effort into relationships. That means that when I get hurt in relationships or if a relationship gets broken it tends to break me. I've only had a few serious broken relationships. I guess part of the reason this is so hard for me is that I care and I believe I played some part in the brokenness. I have felt God pull me through these broken relationships if I allow him and I can move on until I run into a person that I have a broken relationship with. That happened this week. I care about this person and wanted to know how things were. It was a short conversation and I was hurt once it stopped. I wasn't hurt because of the way the person acted but was sad that I won't have a relationship with that person again. This makes me thankful for the relationships I have and helps me to push through the hurt of the lost ones that more than likely won't be restored. God made us to need each other and that means hurt comes along with it, like it or not. It's just the way it is.

I know it's not freebie Friday but it's close

I love free stuff and if you are into downloading songs I found a great site for you. is giving free downloads of songs from their artists. I would highly recommend Aiesha Woods. We play her on WaYfm and I really love her stuff. Gotee records is the record label that TobyMac started and runs so you know the music will be cutting edge. Check it out!

I got a sewing machine!

I've seen some pretty cute stuff on the web lately to make with a sewing machine. Soooo, I got on freecycle and asked if anyone had one they wanted to get rid of and there was a very nice woman in Kalamazoo who had a 35 year old singer and she was willing to give it to me! I picked it up today! I'm very excited. If you are like to sew and have some tips for me like books to read or things to make, please leave me a comment. I will welcome your thoughts!

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

You've got to love the Poles

This was posted on! Way to go Poles!

WARSAW, Poland — Thousands of Poles took to Warsaw's streets Wednesday to demand a complete ban on abortion, including in cases of rape or incest.

Two separate marches merged into a demonstration of 4,000 people in front of parliament, where lawmakers were debating amending the constitution to tighten Poland's anti-abortion law, already among the most restrictive in the EU.

"I am for life," said Miroslawa Kledzinska, 64. "God gives life and only he has the right to take life away."

Poland's abortion law allows termination of a pregnancy until the 12th week if the mother's life is in danger, the fetus is irreparably damaged or the pregnancy is the result of rape or incest.

President Lech Kaczynski has put forward one of three separate proposals to amend the constitution to prohibit abortion completely.

However, none has a chance of being adopted while the main opposition Civic Platform party remains opposed. A two-thirds majority is needed in the 460-member lower house to change the constitution.

This is my kind of day

If you know me you know that I'm not a huge fan of making meals. I know it's what's best for us financially and health wise but It's not really my gift. Today My dad is taking the kids and I out to lunch (which he likes to do once a month), Then my dad and step mom are going to take the kids for the evening (which means free time for me) and then Paul suggested he take me out to dinner tonight! Yahoooooooooo!

It doesn't get much better than that for this mama of three!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

A simple trip to the store

It was a gorgeous day here in Michigan yesterday. It was one of those days where you have your windows open. I went and exercised and then went to pick up a few things at the store. Our Store has those cross walks with stop signs. I always go slow but have to admit I don't really come to a complete stop, I come to a complete pause. As I got to the first stop sign I did my usual pause and I hear this very angry voice yell "There's a stop sign there ya know!". I was startled and then shocked. An elderly lady was standing on the side of the road in front of the store. She wasn't in the crosswalk, she wasn't even close to crossing. Now to be yelled at in general is rattling but to be yelled at in Public by a stranger is just jarring. I hate to admit this but it ruined a perfectly good trip to the store without the children. I hate when I allow that to happen.

Monday, March 26, 2007

A pregnant friends cravings

I work out at Curves with a friend named Jayme who is pregnant. She told me tonight that she is craving hummus and cherry pie filling. How funny is that. I had cravings with my three but never anything like that.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

A cookie insights happiness

This pic just cracks me up. These two are like peas in a pod. This scene happens quite often.

Today I was leaving to go work out and Sebastian stretched his arms out in front of the back door and cried "no mama, no"! I guess this is separation anxiety. :) Paul had to come and get him so I could get out the door. I was not swayed. Exercise needed to happen this morning.

It amazes me how much the kids can be like us. For the second time, Paul decided to "surprise" Alexandra with a treat tonight. We all loaded up in the van and took off for McDonalds for dessert but Alexandra didn't know where we were going. She started to cry because she wanted to know where we were going. She didn't want to be surprised. See I love surprises. I wish Paul would surprise me more. Paul hates surprises. He would rather just know what's coming. Alexandra was really excited to go and have dessert at McDonalds. Thank goodness the tears dried up quickly!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Remember you're in charge

We had a field trip today and afterward I decided we would go to McDonalds for lunch. The first question out of Alexandra's mouth is are we going in? I told her we would have to see how Atticus was doing and if he needed to go home for a nap. Alexandra says "Mom, it's up to you. Remember you're in charge." I laughed and thanked her for the reminder not that I needed it. :)

We'll just have to wait and see

Last night I was feeding Atticus and as usual Alexandra found it a great time to talk about something. We started talking about going on a field trip to a dance school today with the preschool. I asked her if she would like to be a dance teacher when she gets older. She says we'll just have to wait and see. I told her I thought she'd be a great teacher. She said, "mom, we'll just have to wait and see what God makes me be.". I said you are right. We'll just have to wait and see. I smiled and was glad that she realizes that God has a plan for her and that it's an adventure to know what that will be. Then she says, "I can't wait to see what kind of clothes God gives me.". I laughed out loud. I said what kind of clothes do you think he'll give you? She said very matter of factly "Dance clothes of course"! She's a girl, there's no doubt about that!

I'm a winner

Although some of you might have already known that, I really have won something! The great sisters over at had a contest to win a dance skirt through and I won! I can't wait to see Alexandra in this beautifully made dance skirt. She's be the talk of the dance class I'm sure! Thanks Janice and!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

He's got a voice with attitude

Atticus is getting more and more mobile which means he get a hold of things he shouldn't have in his mouth since everything he gets his little hands on goes in his mouth. Today, I had to take a card away from him and after I pulled it away he squawked and cried at me. Then I gave him a block and he settled down and chewed on that. I also had to pull the computer cord away from him and redirect him and I got the same reaction. He's taking after his sister in the attitude department. I have much training ahead of me with this little cutie!

Monday, March 19, 2007

A cookie erases all offenses when you are 2

When you look at this picture you might think oh what a cute little boy. What I think as his mom is what a cute boy but that hair is way too long! I decided to give Sebastian a bath tonight and then a hair cut. I think I did pretty good, I'll post a pic soon but he cried through the whole process and shook his head quite often as well. I got done and said, ok how about a cookie! Sebastians's reply with tears in his eyes, "yeah cookie, mama"! Everything was right with the world and it only took some flour, eggs, oil, sugar, vanilla and chocolate chips! Go figure!

It's a girl's perrogative

I got a bunch of clothes for all three of the kids from a woman on freecycle last week. This sweater came and I thought "oh, how cute"! It's a 3T and I thought what a great sweater and it's from the gap! Alexandra took one look at it and said "I don't like it." I thought figures. Today after coming in from outside, the sweater was on the floor ready to be washed. She grabbed it, put it on and said oh I'm so much warmer now with this nice sweater! Like the title says, it's a girls perrogative!

It looks like Atticus is working on his Smokers cough

A Break and normalcy is good

It was a good weekend. Our friend Ann and her daughter took the kids Friday night and then to the museum on Sat. This gave us yet another date night and a sleep in morning. Oh how wonderful! Paul agreed to a chick flick Friday night and I worked out on Sat. Morning. I met my friend Jen who is getting married in June at Curves and then we went and had breakfast. It was really nice to just hang out and chat with a girlfriend for a while. I also bought a new pair of tennis shoes which was a much needed purchase. It was great to see the kids on Sat. night and to have them at home in their own beds Saturday night. I more and more realize that I'm a huge creature of habit. Even though the break is so great I like to get back to our routine. This week will be much slower and I'm thankful for that. On Sunday we went to the Park down the street and ran into a guy and his daughters that we use to go to church with. It was great to see his daughters and for him to meet Atticus. They are expecting again in may so we rejoiced with them. Their daughters are almost exactly the same age as our kids so they had a lot of fun together. It was pretty funny seeing the kids with their hats and winter coats sliding down the slide. I guess that's early spring in Michigan for ya.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

What a Week

I'm finally back at home this morning, some what back to our routine. This week, WaYfm is having their annual sharathon. This is the time when they raise most of their funds. I was asked to work from 6 AM to 11 AM Tuesday and Wednesday. Very Early mornings but very worth it. It is usually very fun and very satisfying. I get to connect with old friends and co-workers and get to be on the air. This year was no different. I got to see my old friends the Millers who we went to Africa with, I got to be on the air with Rick, Mike, and Peter Brooks. I got to be a part of the men vs women hour and the women pulled through. Yeah! I also got to talk to a guy who listened to me on the morning show way back when and when I was on Middays when the planes hit NY and DC on 9/11. When I look back at that day it was the worst day ever and I certainly didn't want to be on the air. I broke the news to our listeners because I was on Middays then. I prayed a lot on the air and tried to keep people up to date but mostly I wanted to run to my car and go home, crawl into bed and cry. I couldn't cope with what was happening so how could I communicate to others and help them cope. Anyway, this guy Glen called and got one of the phone volunteers to get me. He wanted to tell me that I helped him and his wife so much on 9/11. He first heard the news from me and kept to the radio all day long and heard my prayers and my tears. He said he and his wife prayed a lot for me that day as well because they could tell I was having a hard time communicating with people. This was so cool to hear from him since it was such a difficult day for me. He also said that they missed hearing me on the air every day that I had such a great personality and a warm caring heart. What an encouragement to this stay at home mom of three who most days just wishes she could smell more like a woman rather than a dirty diaper or old spit up! If you've been blessed by wayfm and would like to make a pledge you can do that here

I also have to say a big thanks to Karen for taking my kids for the whole two days I was working. On Wednesday morning I thought about what Karen and the kids would be doing right now and I didn't have a concern at all that they were fine and happy. I'm sure Karen was a little tired though. I also thought about this routine being my daily life and it made me thankful that I don't have to have someone else watch my kids everyday. I couldn't imagine doing that.

Paul and I went out to dinner and a bike ride on Tuesday night and had an awesome time. It reminded me of how we were before kids. Don't get me wrong, I missed the kids while they were gone but it was really great to hang with my husband without them too.

The Mercury is still in the shop and our renter is moving out this weekend. If you know of anyone looking for an apartment, please let us know.

It's been a busy good week. I'm glad we get to stay home today and just chill. I think we all need it!

Friday, March 09, 2007

Not again

So last night I'm working on a new design for the church website and I can't seem to clear my throat. I went to bed around 11 PM and Atticus got up at 5:30 AM. I woke up with a terrible headache, aches, pains, sore throat and lots of drainage. What the heck! Atticus has continued to have a cold and cough but hasn't really been sick so I'm not sure what has happened. Also, I had our Mercury last night while Paul had the van with the kids and it broke down on me. Thank goodness a friend was with me and gave me a ride home. Paul was up until 2 AM waiting for a tow truck to have it towed to the garage. What a day! Oh did I also mention that the first three days of this week we didn't have a bath tub. The 50 year old drain sprung a leak and we had to call a plumber to fix it and it go fixed on Wednesday. Thank goodness we just got our tax refund. GRRRRRRRRR!

P.S. Roger, My friend Brenda's brother is having surgery today to get rid of cancer. Please pray for him as this is a very extensive surgery.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Idle rants

I love hot hot showers and my bed!

I love that the sun has shone two days in a row here in Michigan.

I hate that the show Hereos won't be back on until almost the end of April.

I love that there will a new 24 episode every Monday until then.

I love that I've trained my 2 year old boy to take dirty diapers to the trash and dishes that are dirty to the sink.

I love that at least 3 times a week I get to go workout without children at Curves.

I love that My 3 year old daughter is already talking about her new house in Heaven.

I love that I have a library in my town that brings stuff to me right down the street from my house.

I love that my 6 month old will just play in his bed quietly until I come and get him to eat.

I hate that my 2 year old holds food in his mouth so long that he starts to druel and then I have to stick my finger in his mouth and get the food out because he won't swallow it.

I hate that my 6 month old is so unfocused when he eats that most of the time I miss his mouth when trying to feed him baby food.

I love that my hair is long enough to put up in a pony so I don't have to shower everyday if its not in the cards.

I love that all three of my kids are ticklish.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Her New House

Last night Alexandra came out of the bathroom, just sobbing. I asked what was wrong:

A: Will my animals, nite-nite and potty be in our new house?
M: What new house?
A: Our new house in Heaven with God.
M: I am sure that God will give us all that we need in our new house in heaven.
A: Will all my things be there?
M: I'm sure God will have all our favorite things there.
A: How will God get all my stuff, he only has two hands?
M: (chuckle) God has lots of hands, he'll be able to get all the things we need.
A: I've seen a picture of God in my book. (She goes to get the beginners' bible, She finds a pic of Jesus) See he has 2 hands.
M: That is Jesus and he is God but he was also a man so he does have two hands but God also has lots of hands.
A: I've seen a picture of God mom. I know what he looks like. (I give her the look) Mom, would you please be quiet so that I can find a picture in my book of God?
M: (Chuckle) Ok.

We decided to read the beginners bible for a while but only in small sections because Alexandra was sure if we read the whole book she would get really really tired! :)

A way to win fun prizes

If you are a mom and you have a blog, 5 minutes for mom is having a blog party, check it out and get registered.

Monday, March 05, 2007

I love it when the three year old thinks she's right

Tonight at dinner Alexandra asked if I was married. I said yes that Daddy and I are married. She says "Well buddy and I are married too." I said no, you and buddy are brother and sister. She says "no mom, when we hold hands and sing ring around the rosey, we are married.". Where does she come up with this stuff?

Anyone for an arranged marriage?

We were at Church on Saturday night and one of our single girls had Atticus on her lap. Another teenage girl sat down with Annica, a young girl just about a month or so younger than Atticus. He just lit up. The Girl who had Atticus signaled me and told me he was trying to flirt with Annica but she wasn't interested. I laughed. Then I saw things first hand on Sunday. I had Atticus on my lap, standing and Annica and a teen walked by. He jumped, laughed and smiled really big to try and get her attention. She was tired and wanted to go to sleep. She wasn't giving him the time of day. He kept it up though until I turned him around. It was too funny! He's attracted to the ladies already. Maybe I should give this whole arranged marriage thing a though!

Friday, March 02, 2007

The loving sister

Today Sebastian got in trouble for not sharing the sit and spin with Alexandra. He proceeded to cry and scream. She went to him, hugged and kissed him and let him have a turn on the sit and spin. From then on he shared it with her. Got to love that.

oh no, that did not just happen

If you are eating or have a weak stomach, don't read this post! I'm not responsible for your reaction to what you read.....

So It's rest time and Alexandra has to use the potty. Not a surprise. She comes into the living room and says, mommmy I need you to clean up my poopy. I told her no, that if she didn't want to use her potty she could use mine. She said, "but it's stinky in there." I chuckled and said too bad, sometimes poopy is stinky just go potty anyway. So, she goes, and returns to the playroom for rest. I got to the bathroom and realize I was soaking the insert that belongs in the little potty and she poopied all in the bottom of the little potty with out the insert in. Oh and let's just say it wasn't a well formed stool. Ah, gross. There was pee all over the floor because there was nothing to catch it and the poopy was gross. I cleaned it all up, mopped the floor and am washing the rugs in the bathroom. I guess it wasn't a rest time for mommy but I still got to sleep in until 9:24 AM this morning and even a little poopy and pee pee won't get this mommy down!!!!!!!!!

9:24 AM

That's the time that I got out of bed for good this morning. Alexandra got up at 5:50 AM asking for Desitin on her bottom. She flipped on her light and woke up Sebastian. I couldn't believe it. I turned the light off and she proceeded to run into the door. Poor girl. I took her out in the hallway and put desitin on her. I told her not to turn on the light again and then tucked her back in. I got back into my nice warm bed when I heard another little guy stir and cry. I got up and fed him and we both got back to bed at 7:15AM. I didn't wake up again until I heard some noise at 9:24AM. I have to say, that when I get to pretty much be in bed until 9:24 AM,it's going to be a great day, even if it's snowing like crazy outside my window!

Thursday, March 01, 2007

What he does when Sissy's not around

Sebastian is playing hide and seek by himself right now. He's keeps putting him head on the wall, he counts to 4 and then he says, I see you. Then he goes back to the wall, counts again and then says I see you. He's not looking at me when he does it either which is really, really funny!