Tuesday, January 16, 2007

I'm a preschool mommy

A new title has been added to my name! Alexandra, Sebastian, Atticu and I all headed off to Parchment United Methodist co-op preschool this morning. We were a little late and really weren't sure where the building was. They usually meet in their church, but it was set on fire last summer by an arsonist. They are now meeting in an out building at the catholic church in Parchment called St. Ambrose. So we get out of the van and head into a building. We couldn't hear anyone so we wandered around and found a room with a light on. It was who I think was the priest in what looked like his pajamas! I asked him where the preschool was and of course he said it was in the other building. As I talking to him, Sebastian hears a TV and wanders into another room. There's an elderly gentleman sleeping in a chair with the TV blarring. I grab Sebastian and we head back out the door. It must have been where the Priest lives. We head across the parking lot and into the other building where the preschool meets. There was two mom's and the teacher Mrs. Keiser. There's about 6 other kids in the class. She did really well. She had a good time. I think this is going to be great for her and for the rest of us!

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