Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Curious Mama

We watch Curious George almost every morning on PBS kids. I watch a lot of the same episodes over and over again. If you are familar with the characters there's a professor that's "Friends" with George and the Man with the Yellow hat. Her name is Professor Weisman. Now on the surface, it seems like the man with the yellow hat and the professor are just friends. BUT...There's one episode where TMWTYH invites Professor Weisman over for dinner for her birthday. He buys her favorite fruit and he remembers her favorite symphony and gives it to her for her birthday. It seems that maybe he would like to date her instead of just being friends. Has anyone else thought of that or do I need to get out more and stop watching so much Curious George?

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Anonymous said...

Heh heh. Why yes, I've often thought that Prof. Weisman and TMIT Yellow Hat were somewhat of a matched set. Its funny to think through though. Kind of like drama in little baby soaps or somethinga. Haha.