Sunday, January 28, 2007

I'm just not that kind of mom

I made a huge realization this week. I'm not that kind of mom. One of our very good friends is having her 4th child and she's just been put on bed rest. She has a 6 year old, a 4 year old and a 1 year old. I decided I would take the two older kids for Wednesday and Friday. It seemed like it was just too much for me. Here's the thing, I never really babysat growing up, I even thought for many years that I wouldn't have kids of my own because It was never a great desire I had. Now let me say first that I love my 3 kids. They are awesome. But I don't like managing my kids and other people's kids. This was a hard realization for me. I would want people to take my kids if I was pregnant and on bedrest. God is showing me that I'm just not wired to do everything everyone else does and vice versa. I can speak to thousands of people every week on the radio. I can manage a website. But it's just not my gift to watch other people's kids. Let me say too that these two kids weren't really bad, although there was a biting incident which I'll talk about later, it's just I'm not good at managing other kids along with my own. My friend Linnea is a kids person and she was a great encouragment to me this week as I struggled with this. This also made me think about a woman who had a great influence on me, Mel Hopper. She took care of Charlie and I when My mom was working. She managed her own 6 and many more and did it with great ease. She was also a kid person. I'm just not. So, don't worry about me becoming a teacher anytime soon or opening up a daycare!

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