Sunday, July 01, 2007

Practice what I'm talking about

We had a church meeting last night and it came up that we need to be inviting more people who cross our path to church. I've been feeling like I need to be bold in asking people where they are at. Tonight we went to pick up the swing set and the woman who had the garage sale and I got talking. She was so nice and we had a lot in common. She's trying to get her kids out of a school system and into another. I asked her where they went to church. She said they wanted to find a Presbyterian church but her kids would like a more contemporary service. I told her about Fresh Start and about how we incorporate kids into the service but they also have their own time which is something she wanted for her kids. I told her the time we start and that we'd love to come and check it out. She said they really wanted to find a Presbyterian church. I told her about a church on the east side of Kalamazoo. I'm always amazed at how open people are about where they are with Church. I think it's really in our mind that people don't want to connect with God. Why are we so stuck in thinking people don't want what we have. It's the best thing ever, having a relationship with God. I encourage you to just step out there. People are more open than you might think. I'm not sure that this woman will ever come to our church but the point should be that she reconnects with God.

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