Wednesday, July 25, 2007

It's official, a fit was pitched

Don't let this cute exterior fool you, inside is a fit just waiting to get out and it did last night! Every night since we started having Erin come and sit for the kids in the morning, Alexandra has cried at bedtime. She's always fine when I get home. Last night, Paul took charge of things and she lost it. He told her to go back to bed and that she couldn't talk to me. This was fine with me since I had listened to her "chat" at me for almost 3 hours straight that evening. She just lost it. She was screaming my name, and crying uncontrollably. I hate those moments. I know that she's fine but to hear her scream my name and cry so hard she has a hard time breathing is so hard. It those moments as a mom that you know you are doing the right thing but it's still really hard. I've been trying to spend just time with her after the boys go to nap time but I guess the adjustment is just really hard for her. Anyway, she finally did settle down and go to sleep and this morning woke up doing the river dance in her room for Sebastian. That's what Erin and I call her dancing in the morning.

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