Monday, February 26, 2007

Sebastian talk

Sebastian has really started to talk and express himself. Today I put him down for a nap and then a little while later I took Atticus up for a nap. I heard Sebastian say, Nite - Nite. In Sebastian talk that meant that he had dropped his nite-nite. I peeked into the room and he had chucked everything out of the bed. He does this sometimes when Alexandra is in there and she'll get all the stuff for him. I picked up some of the things and put them back in the bed. He looks at me and says "Thanks" very happily. As I continue to put things back, he keeps saying thanks. I told him not to throw stuff out anymore cause I'm not coming in to pick them up again. He grabs his doggie, hugs him and says "Sorry". I believe he was talking to the Dog, not me! :) It's just so cool to hear him talk so much since he hasn't been talking hardly at all.

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