Friday, February 09, 2007

If you have a weak stomach or are eating, don't read this post

I am in way over my head. I decided to finish up our taxes last night so I was up late after being at work for 2 hours last night. I got to bed about midnight. About 45 minutes later, a little girl wandered to my bed side telling me she's all wet. I'm figuring its that she's wet the bed since she's not wearing pull up's any more. Then I smell something. She starts to explain that she didn't pee pee, she says shes all wet and her bed is too. So I get up and realize, she's thrown up. I assure her that she's ok and that it happens. I strip her bed and her blankets, take them downstairs and get new sheets and put them on the bed. She continues to complain about her stomach and I pray she doesn't vomit on me. I get everything back to normal and get her back to bed and then I hear a cry. It's Atticus. Paul told me that he threw up while I was gone, so I'm not surprised he's awake and acting like he hungry. He takes 6 oz and smells horrible. He's has about 6 dirty diapers a day and is sleeping a lot. I thought maybe it was teething but now that Alexandra is sick I'm not sure. Atticus is not interested in eating which is really weird for him. The funniest part of this whole thing, Alexandra turns on the light last night so we can change her bed, Sebastian didn't stir. He also slept through the whole bed change and all the converstation about sickness. You got to love that!

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