Saturday, February 03, 2007

Dinner table antics

We all sat down to dinner tonight. Crescent rolls with hot dogs rolled in, broccoli, and tater tots. Sebastian got raisins just tide him over until all the food was ready. We gave Sebastian and Alexandra ketchup. Sebastian decided to dip his raisins in the ketchup. Paul and I waited to see what his response to it would be. I would try to describe his facial expression but I couldn't do it justice. Paul and I cracked up. Then a loud "YUK" came out of his mouth. It was too funny. Alexandra was focused on getting all her dinner finished so she could have candy. She choose a Candy cane from Christmas. She then proceeded to ask when Christmas would be again. It's so hard to explain in time to a 3 year old. OH, Sebastian got new light up Spider man boots today. They were 50% off. He had a ton of fun stomping around in his new boots. Now he'll stop yelling at me when we are outside that his feet are cold and wet!

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