Monday, February 12, 2007

Dragon Tales Parents

One of Alexandra's favorite shows is Dragon Tales on PBS. This is a show about two siblings who find a dragon scale in their playroom, wish on it and go a magical land of Dragons. They talk a lot about sharing and caring in this show. What gets me is the kids, Max and Emmy, are gone for most of a day on their adventures. When they get back to their playroom, sometimes you hear their parents which tells me they are in the house but why are they not checking on them? They just leave their kids for hours on end without checking on them. Just the other day, I found out Emmy was 6 and Max is 4, those parents should be checking on them, don't you think. Or do you think I've been locked up in this house too long with three little kids and my mind is wandering way too much! :)

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Anonymous said...

Maybe there is a time difference so that when the kids are gone for a day in the land of dragons, it is only a few minutes.