Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Oh no she didn't

I'm in the bathroom this morning and Alexandra is at the table with our craft stuff. That includes glue, paper, sparklies and scissors. She comes into the bathroom with a clump of hair in her hand. I thought she pulled it out. I said where did that come from, she says from my head. I said how did you do it. She said I just did it. Then I see that part of the side of her hair is cut. I asked if she used the scissors and she said yes. I couldn't believe it. Of course she's too young to tell me why she did it. The spot is right next to her face. We'll see today when I put her hair up today for Dance if it causes any problems. I was so surprised. Needless to say there was much crying when I took the scissors away from her today and told her she couldn't get them back until tomorrow. I also told her we only use the scissors to cut paper.

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Anonymous said...

Hey sister-in-law,

Just so you know, they make scissors that won't cut anything but paper. They are not as easy to use, but it will solve the problem. Katie did that once and I didn't trust her with scissors for a couple of years!!!!!

Love ya,