Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Fa la la la la la la la Ladder?

We had a very nice and busy christmas. We were at our house for Christmas morning. Alexandra had a blast, Sebastian opened one gift and just wanted to play with that one and Atticus slept through it. We then headed out to Gobles and opened gifts with my dad, stepmom and brothers. Went to the Withers for dinner, oh and it was so yummy and then headed out to Otsego to see the Erbes, with Scott Heather and the twins. We arrived back home about 8:30 and realized that we didn't have keys to the house. Paul is extremely maticulious about making sure each and every window in the house is locked tight(just in case you were thinking of breaking into our house). The only one we could figure would be open is one on the second floor. Paul got out the ladder and tried two of the 5 windows on the second floor. They were to two easiest to get to. He finally decided to try one that was really high up. He got in that way but I'm not going to tell you what window it was just in case you are thinking of trying to break into our house! :) Paul said to me a couple of times, these are the memories for this Christmas. He sure was right about that!!!!!!

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