Saturday, May 03, 2008

Three Cheers for Daddy

So, we were out late last night having dinner and playing cards with Paul's family. Paul was so exhausted I drove home and then stayed up for a while unwinding. The kids got up at normal time and Paul got out of bed with them. I woke back up at 10 AM and went downstairs, to an empty house. A note was left saying, we went to the museum and the library. I did a happy dance. I got to eat breakfast in silence, I watched the taped Office from Thursday night and I got to get myself ready without any interruptions. Oh My, it was so nice. I went to the store and came back to find everyone back home after having an awesome time with Daddy! We celebrated our 9th anniversary on Thursday but didn't really do anything (we will later in the summer). This was an awesome treat on a Saturday! Even though I thought I knew it 9 years ago, Paul cemented today that he is a great, great man and husband! Three cheers for Paul!

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