Tuesday, May 20, 2008

OH my sensitive little girl

Last night I thought I'd get Alexandra ready for school ending so I told her she just had one more day of school and then in the fall she would go to the big school. I thought her response would be oh, yea, I can't wait to go to the big school. Instead, I get a crinkled up face and tears streaming down her face. She says, "Mrs. Sellers" through her tears. I started to tear up. There were many a year where I went home on that last day of school and cried about my teacher, never seeing him or her again. It was so hard. I got exactly what she was feeling and I just had to let her grieve it. I told her we would see Mrs. Sellers again and that we would make her a special project on Tuesday and give it to her as a thank you gift. She wasn't as upset today and we did make a project. Hopefully, tomorrow at school she'll be ok. Poor girl, she had to get that from me!


Story Girl said...

Oh how precious!!! What a great idea to have her make a gift for her too. Happy summer!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Laura just shared the following with me earlier this week. Apparently one of her 5th grade girls e-mailed her about the following incident. She was thinking about there being just over 2 weeks left of school and said she cried in her room for like 1/2 an hour. When her mom saw her, she asked what was wrong. She said, "I'm going to miss Miss DeHaan next year." And then she cried some more.
Girls! You gotten love 'em!
From Candy