Friday, January 11, 2008

Potty training day 1

Sebastian was not enthused with me this morning when I offered Diego or spiderman underwear. His response to both, "no, no thanks". I decided on the Spiderman. We filled the juice cup and broke out the crackers. The first accident scared him. He said that over and over. We put him on the potty, cleaned him up and put new underwear and pants on. The next accident was quite less and he told me he needed to go. He still was wet but not as bad. After that one he said "mama, please change me, Diaper please." I assured him, he didn't need a diaper and we put dry underwear and clothes on him. The third accident was a lot like the second, he told me he had to go but still was wet. He said a lot that he was scared which I thought was interesting. I'm not sure what that means but we're going to keep at. Two loads of hot water laundry and we're ready for more wet accidents tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

Poor Sebastian! He's loosing his crib and diapers all at once! It's a wonder he's not in total shock losing all that security at once! Give him a hug for me! Candy