Thursday, January 03, 2008

Poor Atticus

I hate taking my kids to the Dr. I learned my lesson quite a few times with Alexandra that unless the kids are really sick the Dr.'s won't do anything for them. Atticus has had the same cold as the other two and me but he's not getting better. When he woke up this morning I had a feeling that I needed to take him to the Dr. As the morning progressed, I thought I wonder if he has Puemonia. Boy can a mom tell or what. We had a 1:20 PM appointment and the Dr. confirmed that he has the beginnings of puemonia in his left lung and has an ear infection in his right lung. Whew. He is just exhausted and only wants to be held. It's been a trying few days. The Dr. put him on a higher grade antibiotic to stop both infections. We should see some improvement in the next 2 days, if not we head back in. Pray that Atticus gets better. It's so hard to see them so little and know there's not much you can do for them. Just breaks a mommies heart.

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jacki j. said...

I'll pray for him... and for you!