Monday, February 01, 2010

Just a rough week

This last week was one of those weeks that hits you out of nowhere. We all ended up with the stomach flu and after we thought everyone was on the mend, I ended up with an infected lymph node which has felt like an ear infection. I'm on meds now but man it's been pretty tough. I felt like we were treading water. On Thursday Paul and I tag teamed the kids. They would watch PBS kids upstairs while I rested in bed. Then we'd get them lunch, they'd watch a movie with Paul in the living room, while he rested and I slept upstairs. Then they got a snack, came back upstairs with me to watch PBS kids. Whew...We were just surviving. I have to admit that we worked pretty well together to make it through. I guess we didn't have much choice. I did a ton of laundry on Friday and then started to feel bad again with some sinus stuff Friday night. I was pretty down and out Saturday and Sunday. Paul even took the kids to church on his own Sunday while I slept. I got an appointment to see the dr. today and we waited 50 min after the appointment time and yest I had all three kids with me. I had to get creative. I thought ahead and brought juice pouches and crackers. That only gos so far though. It was my dr. so it had about 5 books and that was it. No other toys for the kids to play with. I mean after a while you can't blame them for playing with the water fountain. I did get to see the dr. and the kids got a treasure out of the treasure box. The kids needed to let out some steam later tonight so we did a dance party right before bed. Whew, we made it through. I'm writing this so that later when the kids are older we can look back on this and maybe not laugh but look back and be thankful we aren't in this last week anymore.

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