Saturday, January 16, 2010


I really wanted Paul to go with us to go sledding at least once this season. Even thought we've had above freezing temps in the past few days, there is still plenty of snow. Unlike the other day when we went today it was really, really icy. The kids had a lot of trouble getting up the hill but going down was really fast. There are a few hills where we go and two are really, really big. The kids went down the first big hill and couldn't get back up. Paul helped them up and then I decided I would go down with one of them to help them get up. Then after a couple of times of that, we headed for the really big hill. I went down with Atticus and it was really fast. We hit a bump and slid to the side. We were going so fast I clutched my legs with Atticus between them and took the blow of the icy ground right in the shoulder. I think I bumped the ground a couple of times. It really hurt. Atticus was laughing and then said, my leg hurts a little. The next time down the really big hill, Atticus wanted to go down the hill by himself. No big deal right, well think again. There was a jump at the bottom of the hill that we couldn't see from the top. He hit it and flew off the slide and I saw him slam his head to the icy ground. He got right up but was screaming his head off. Paul went down with one of the other kids and I started down the hill on my behind to make sure he was ok. Earlier in the winter a kid hit a tree and died so I'm a little nervous about seeing my 3 year old fly off his sled. Paul went and grabbed him right away and he kept crying. What's hard is not knowing if it's cause he's really hurt or if it just scared the crap out of him. Paul talked to him about it later telling him that he went off a jump that big kids go off of and then he thought he was pretty awesome. I'm not looking forward to my sore shoulders tomorrow.

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