Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Last Friday when we saw the OT for Sebastian she told me that sledding would be really great for Sebastian. Oh, I thought. It's just so much work to do it all by myself with either just the two boys or with all three kids. I knew it would be a good workout for him and would meet his movement need plus I knew it would help Atticus to run out some of his energy. It was sunny today and actually right around freezing so I decided we should go sledding. It still seems to daunting and kept trying to talk myself into it all morning. Knowing this would be so good for the boys. So, as I'm driving home I think, hey wait, there might be another mom who would be available to go with me and then our kids could sled. I called her and she was available and we decided to wait until our older kids got out of school and take them all. It seemed so much more do-able with another mom. It was so much less hard with another adult there to help out. We even ran into a mom with her two girls from the same school and all the kids sled together. I even got on a sled and went down a couple of times. The kids had so much fun and the boys are tired out and will sleep well tonight. Yea, for other moms to help me get out and enjoy the snow.

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