Saturday, April 26, 2008

Sebastian's skills

Boy does Sebastian have some verbal skills. Tonight when we were putting the kids to bed, Alexandra had baby lion because it was her turn. Sebastian had her princess watch and was conversing with us about it. Paul started to try to get the kids to trade so that Alexandra could get her watch. His words to Alexandra were "If you give Sebastian baby lion, he'll give you the watch. That'll be a good trade." Sebastian says, "That is not a good trade.". We laughed so hard. You would think he would be just repeating what Paul said but he's putting his own words in with what Paul said. He's also doing really well with prepositions which is cool. Tonight he said the watch was on his arm and sleeping beauty was on the watch. The OT has asked us to work on that so it's really cool to see our work is paying off, again!

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