Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Getting back to reality

Oh, it's been quite a transition back to reality. I miss vacation. The boys got sick the week we got back and I think we're all just about well again. Alexandra and Sebastian are on spring break now and we are loving the weather. Atticus is so funny, he will run away from me and try to hide from me when I tell him it's time to go inside. Spring has also motivated me to clean windows and keep the house picked up. Also I've been grilling. Ah, how I longed for these days back in January and February. I do think though that I will spend a large amount of my time this spring and summer pushing the kids on the swings. Alexandra can pump but Sebastian isn't quite co-ordinated enough to do that so I have to push him. If I push him, then Alexandra wants me to push her as well. Atticus is funny, he doesn't care at all what the other two are doing. He plays in the toy car, he plays with the balls, he pushes the toys around. It is so funny. I'm finding it hard to blog as much when it's so nice outside, I'll try to keep on top of it a little better than I have. Sorry for the little break!

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