Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A week of change and loss

I haven't blogged in a while other than utterz because we have been so busy. Alexandra has been going to VBS in Otsego with Grandma Erbe. At first she was really tenative but then she jumped right in the second day and I left without a tear being shed. She also has been staying with Grandma last night and tomorrow night. Sebastian had a hard time with Alexandra being gone too. He cried last night and told me he wanted his Sissy. I also noticed just a little bit that my little girl isn't so little anymore. She making it on her own at least as much as an almost 5 year old can. I cried a few tears over that this week. I'm also thankful though that she's having alone time with Grandma and Grandpa. I have great memories of spending time with both sets of my Grandparents and I'm glad she's getting that now.

You've probably read before that we go to the bookmobile every Tuesday. We've gotten really close with the 3 people who work for the library. Brenda, Jermaine and Dale. We didn't get to see Dale that often but when we did we really enjoyed getting to know him. Brenda called yesterday to let me know they wouldn't be coming because Dale had passed away. His parents found him on Monday, they believe he had a heart attack. He was only 40. We had just seen him that last Tuesday. Brenda wanted us to know that he told her on Wednesday (after seeing us on Tuesday) that he wishes he could have Tuesday as his stop so he could see us more often. He also said he thought we were really great people. We'll be heading to the visitation tomorrow.

Atticus is still in our bedroom, well I should say he was until tonight! I had to take the crib apart to do it but he is now in with Sebastian and Alexandra. He cried a little but he settled down and when I went in the deal with the other two getting out of their bed, he waved bye bye to me. We'll see how tomorrow morning goes with all three of them in the same room. What a trip that should be. No sleeping in until 8 AM tomorrow.

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