Tuesday, June 10, 2008


This is a word I use a lot with my kids. God also wants it from me. After praying for a family in our preschool that their unborn daughter would not be born with a half functioning heart, I felt led to lay hands on the mom and baby and pray for a complete healing. I believe God can heal this babies heart but putting myself out there was the tough part. Tonight we had dinner with the family and another family from the preschool. Afterwards, we laid hands on the mom and her pregnant belly and prayed that when she comes out on Wednesday her heart will be totally normal. I prayed it would mystify the DR.s but we would know it was by the hand of God. I have no idea where this family is with God and I hope that through this they get drawn closer to him. I did my part, now it's God's turn to heal that little girls heart. Will you take a moment and lift up Lindsay. She'll be delivered on Wednesday. If you are interested in her progress you can check our the families blog at lindsaysheart.blogspot.com. I'm excited to see what God's going to do in the next few days. It was hard to be obiedent, but it was worth it.

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